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Who Am I?

I know you’re probably not here to read about who I am, but it feels like I’m compelled to put this section in to comply with the norms of writing something like this blog. So here goes.

My name is Richard. I’m 33 and I live in Cape Town, South Africa and I have done my whole life (if you don’t include the year I spent in England in 2003). I’m a procurement consultant at a university, but my heart lies in writing and creativity, even though I’m very much left-brain oriented. I often feel a bit like a creative trapped in the mind of a rigorous structuralist.

I’m a firm self-proclaimed geek and I love geek culture. I’m a passionate gamer and produce and host a weekly gaming podcast for NAG called (surprise) The NAG Podcast (available via RSS and iTunes).

I love the outdoors, though I don’t do nearly enough outdoors, mostly because I’m head-down and knees deep in some or other game I’m trying to finish, but my goal is to try and do something outdoorsy once a month at least. So far, I’m not doing a great job at this, but I’m going to really start trying. Expect me to blog about it when I do.

I’ve had blogs before, with little direction and more just sharing my thoughts, but I’m aiming this one at trying to provide realistic advice and what-worked-for-me tips to the everyday human who wants to live a little healthier like I feel like I’ve managed to mostly accomplish (read about that). It’s also just a place for me to just get my feelings out of my head and into the ether. It’s not really designed to be a high traffic, attractive prospect for thousands of readers, though if something inspires you or you think that people you know might get something out of it I would love if you shared it with them.


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