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What Is This?

Welcome to the customary opening post of this blog, as expected in internet blog customs since they were a thing.
It exists to effectively set up what you’ll find here in future if you choose to visit regularly or subscribe via RSS.

I’ve had blogs before, with little direction and more just sharing my thoughts, but I’m aiming this one at trying to provide realistic advice and what-worked-for-me tips to the everyday human who wants to live a little healthier like I feel like I’ve managed to mostly accomplish (read about that). It’s also just a place for me to just get my feelings out of my head and into the ether. It’s not really designed to be a high traffic, attractive prospect for thousands of readers, though if something inspires you or you think that people you know might get something out of it I would love if you shared it with them.

It’s also a place for me to keep my life mantra or what I like to call my Manifesto, which I like to keep up to date and reference as I journey onwards through life and this weight-loss and health adventure. It’s a place to keep me inspired and grounded too – something I recommend to anyone, whether you’re on a grand adventure or just going about your life. It’s a rewarding endeavour for sure.

I hope in some way this blog is able to give you something of value, whether the spark of an idea or a fully defined reason to get out there and be more healthy or active.
If you want to chat or share with me, feel absolutely free to do so – my details can all be found here.

About Richard

Richard is a 33-year-old dude from Cape Town, South Africa with a pre-programmed love for geekery, technology, gaming, music and sarcasm. Contact: Facebook | Twitter | More Posts