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My Manifesto

This is a list of things I like to throw out into the universe.
It is a list of personal declarations that are never static and evolve constantly.

It looks messy, contains many strikeouts and corrections, and reflects how I feel and where I am mentally and physically at any one time. It is the truest reflection of my current state of being and I read through it often to realign my goals and stop myself from cheating food wise or motivate myself to work out when I really, really don’t feel like it.

I recommend anyone struggling with motivation to do this.

I am Richard.
I am 33 years old.
I live in Cape Town, South Africa.
I have lived here my entire life.
I work in procurement at a university.
I love to write.
I think writing allows me to process things.
I am busy writing have started writing a novel.
I think music is the most important thing in the world.
I would be lost without my parents.
I use humour as a defence mechanism.
I can make people laugh with sarcasm.
I don’t believe it is the lowest form of wit.
I laugh at puns.
I am not a strong-willed person.
I don’t like attention.
I have managed to lose a lot of weight.
I have managed to do this before.
I believe that this is the last time.
I decided that this is the make-or-break attempt for me.
I am succeeding maintaining my weight-loss goals.
I haven’t had coca-cola in 18 3 months.
I haven’t had fast food in 18 months 2 weeks.
I haven’t had alcohol in 18 months a few days.
I currently exercise 3 times a week on Saturday mornings.
I have been on my bike this week last week.
I completed the Fish River Canyon.
I sometimes think it will be my greatest accomplishment.
I find exercise boring.
I find it better with music.
I produce and host a weekly gaming podcast.
I fail even when I want to succeed.
I am great at rationalising failure.
I don’t always resist temptation.
I am honest when people ask me how my diet is going.
I like to share my successes but don’t share my failures.
I believe in karma.
I like receiving more than I like giving.
I hate disappointing people.
I never want to upset people.
I react to fix things when I know I have.
I live most of my life in virtual worlds.
I spend an enormous amount of time online.
I don’t like what people are online.
I have a ridiculous phone-bill.
I have enough money for the things I need.
I don’t have enough money for the things I want.
I hate it when people are late.
I am often early.
I usually regret agreeing to go out.
I get bored at home.
I think parties are boring without alcohol.
I put a lot of thought into what people think of me.
I am intensely shy.
I am an introvert ambivert.
I am outspoken if I know you well.
I get annoyed if my time is wasted.
I prefer cats to dogs.
I prefer little dogs to big dogs.
I prefer single player games.
I have more fun playing multiplayer games.
I enjoy co-op games the most.